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Lola Pridley has always dreamed of having an affair with her boss, Willie Regal, and today she is Adult video site to fulfill her wish.

The busty secretary was dressed to impress, with a button-up shirt that barely contained her large breasts and a killer pencil skirt. With such a hot temper from his secretary, Willy has no chance.

Sure enough, all it takes is a hot look and a gentle little touch from Willie to tilt Lola’s face up for a kiss. But one kiss will never do the trick; It turns into oh so much more.

They take their time exploring each other, with Lola moving her Adult site up and down Willie’s chest before settling down to stroke and suck him.

When it’s Lola’s turn to have fun, she gets to her feet and lets Willy find the surprises she’s hiding under her office clothes. Her sheer bra slides down to free her breasts, while she lifts her short skirt to reveal a matching thong. Willie was finally able to kiss his stomach and touch him from Lola’s neck all the way down to her juicy belly.

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Lola wants to keep sucking Willie and is happy to oblige. Pressing Lola into the chair, Willie makes himself at home between her thighs as he dives face first into her amazing bosom.

He gradually moves south until he settles into the heat of her passion. Willy puts his head Adult video site, takes a drink of Lola’s juices, and then settles down for a long, heavy feast.

Willy stops eating out Lola only when he gets back to his feet and replaces his tongue with his penis. He slides in slowly and deeply, looking at his secretary. Lola can’t stop moaning, can’t stop her hands from roaming all over her chest to increase her pleasure even more.

Lola jumped onto the table and leaned back. Willie takes his place between her legs and returns home. He separates Lola’s ankles and gives her the way she wants.

Lola sits on her knees in the chair and presents herself to XMXX in this new position. He’s quick to take it again, stroking her big ass and shoving himself inside until he’s deep. He makes him hit all the new spots playfully leaving Lola gasping with delight.

Once Lola has sucked her sticky hardon, complete with titty fucking, she climbs on his lap to ride him. Her big natural member bounces and shakes as she rides it away. Willie loves every moment as his hands roam Lola’s back and ass.

Lovers move to a padded chair for added comfort. Adult video site and pulls Lola to him. Lola is fully positioned on her boss’s hardon, riding her reverse cowgirl. Willy contributes to the ocean’s movement as he squeezes Lola’s plush glove.

The lovers ended their call as Lola leaned forward on the desk. He has sex with his secretary from behind, and Willy leaves nothing on the table. He makes sure Lola reaches climax, then pulls out to let her ride out of him. She gets on her knees to do the deed, then aims to give Willie an orgasm until he breaks her big, beautiful tits.

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Adult video site – XNXX, XMXX, XXNX 2024