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Monica and Phoebe relax together while Phoebe plays guitar, when Rachel comes to chat about some issues she’s having with Ross. The conversation eventually moves from chatting about the names of Rachel and Ross’s future children to the orbit of their various experiences with Joey. All the girls apply, but when it’s Rachel’s turn to describe how she and her friends have grown up, it’s over for her. In the end, the trio all fall down pretending to be a boy/girl experience and just admit they outdid themselves for being gay.

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Monica will star in the next show where she takes Rachel’s place on the couch. On her hands and knees, Monica buries her face in snatching slippery Phoebe while Rachel spreads love with her soft lips and hot tongue to explore Monica’s zing. When Rachel gets her hands on the action, Monica can’t help but go back to her friend’s hand and ride the ocean action. Rachel gets another turn on the peak train while still on the couch while Phoebe and Rachel are on their knees in front of her. Then the three girls sit side by side so they can tie their arms to their legs and masturbate with 

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